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Do you Believe?

The abominable Snowman has been a part of Western Folklore since the early 19th century, however, it is assumed to be an ancient Buddhist belief.

Also known as the yeti, the creature remains a legend to this day as there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence, though scientists have provided thorough research for decades. The snowman is said to inhabit the mountain areas of Nepal and Tibet.

As with any legend, ghoulish stories come with it! There have been an increasing number of sightings coming into the twentieth century as advances in science and travel meant more Westerners made their way to Nepal.

Sightings often include strange footprints or even sightings of the creature itself; however nobody has ever brought forward solid evidence to prove the yeti’s existence. Some witnesses state that the abominable snowman resembles a tall human, others have said that they creature more resembles a monkey.

There have been a number of explanations put forward to squash the rumour; however none have been sufficient enough to rid us of the myth! Want to go on your own yeti hunt? Email us at snowman@abominablesnowman.co.uk for more information.